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Every graphic designer knows the name of Herb Lubalin, if not… they should. Lubalin was a pioneer when it comes to design and typography. He is known as the creator of the font ITC Avant Garde, which is one of todays most used typefaces.

But today, I want to talk about some of his logo designs. Being a master typographer has it’s advantages when it comes to creating simple but powerful brands. First, take a look at the Mother & Child logo.

In my opinion, this is easily among the best designed logos i’ve ever seen. It’s simple, but communicates the message so well. It was created in 1965 by Lubalin and Tom Carnase for a magazine that has never been published.

Two other well known Lubalin logos are Marriage and Families, take a look.

Once again, the logos speak for themselves. I don’t even have to explain them to you because they’re so self explanatory. The Families logo was designed in 1980 and Marriage in 1965.

There you have it folks, the power of well used typography in logo design is almost limitless, if used properly.

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