Alice Buchanan branding

Alice Buchanan is a family owned, high-end boutique for kids from ages 0 – 8.

The brief
Develop a high-end and modern identity. The brand needs to feel friendly yet classy.

The solution
By combining the letters A and B, we were able to develop a heart symbol that represented the brand and its core values. The combination of colors, type and symbols created a rich and classy visual platform allowed us to talk directly to the parents and grand-parents. In parallel, three friendly characters were born from the heart symbol, enabling us to also speak directly to kids when necessary.

Agency: Catalyse;
Creative direction: Charles Daoud
Strategy: Frederic Bédard, Charles-Vincent Trépanier
Art direction and design: Charles Daoud
Web design: Charles Daoud
Integration: Codems
Interior design: Véronique Buchanan